Nikhef Project


Prof. Dr. Paul Kooijman


The objective of this course is to introduce students in the project management if designing, building and operating a particle detector.


During the Nikhef project, students will design and build their own particle detector, use this detector to take data and analyse the collected data. Every year, it will be a different detector suitable for a particular measurement. It can be a water Cherenkov detector to detect cosmic muons, a scintillator detector to measure the velocity of charged particles or a calorimeter to measure the energy of particles. It is the intention that students will experience the working environment of (astro)particle physicists. It is the responsibility of the participating students to define and assign tasks and make a planning for the full process of the design of a particle detector.


Working group of students of the same cohort.

Study material

Will be distributed at the start of the project.


Written report.


The course is scheduled a full day during the full second semester. However, due to the nature of the project, you will not be working on the project every week of this period. Please contact the coordinator for more information.