Course schedule academic year 2013/14

Each semester has two periods of 8 weeks, followed by one period of 4 weeks. Courses are scheduled in time frames of 4 hours: two time frames per week for 6 EC courses, one time frame per week for a 3 EC course. Exams are scheduled in the last week of the period.

You have the choice of embarking the master program at the start of the first semester in September of at the start of the second semenster in February.

If you choose to start your master in September, you will follow theoretical courses first, if you choose to start in February, you will follow experimental courses and project management courses first. Both options are viable. However, the theoretical optional courses mentioned below in semester 2 require knowledge of courses from semester 1.

UvA-course schedule

Build your personal course schedule at UvA-course schedule for 'Master Physics, track Particle and Astroparticle physics' by selecting the courses that you intent to take.

Note, that the mandatory English Academic Course can be taken in every period. Our advice is to do that in period 3. However, register as soon as possible for this mandatory course.

WARNING for UU-students

The schedules follows the general structure of the UvA/VU. I.e. the semesters starts one week earlier than at UU.